A Sensible Approach to Investing

  • Investing is not the same as it was 10 years ago.
  • Investing 10 years from now will not be the same as it is today.

Weatherstone Capital Management believes that due to the changing nature of the markets, investors need the tools that both allow a portfolio to adjust to changing market environments as well as position it for long-term growth.

Michael Ball, founder and lead portfolio manager of Weatherstone Capital Management, has used these principles in building investment portfolios for investors for more than a decade. Over time, other financial advisors learned of his unique risk management strategies and expressed a desire to partner with Weatherstone Capital Management in order to utilize the strategies for their own clients portfolios. Since then, we have provided risk managed investment programs to committed financial advisors, and have grown to become a respected partner to advisors and Broker/Dealers across the country.

Over the years our dedicated staff has enhanced many services such as; online statements with performance and tax reporting, additional investment programs to provide a more extensive range of investment strategies for both conservative and aggressive investors, and the ability to combine multiple strategies in a single account in some instances.

As we grow, we will continue our commitment to offer the best risk-managed investment strategies possible and provide the clients and advisors who entrust their money with us, the best possible service.