Profit Estimates Do a Weird Thing: Hold Up Amid Earnings Season

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Traditional indicators have suddenly stopped mattering in a stock market driven by global health concerns, for good reason. They can say little of value in assessing the worsening toll of the coronavirus. “The global economy is starting to show some green shoots and more stabilization versus three or six months ago. The forecasts are taking… Read more »

Trump Has Real Reasons to Fixate Over the Stock Market

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No president in modern history has followed the stock market more obsessively as a barometer of success than Donald Trump. You can see it in the dozens of tweets he’s sent referencing the Dow Jones Industrial Average, in the way every record is celebrated while lurches are pinned on the Democrats. Now, new academic research… Read more »

While Wall St. Talks of Recession, Bond Investors Make a Killing

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For stock investors, the trade war has been nothing but trouble. For bond investors, it’s been a dream. Unable to stomach turbulence driven by the escalating conflict between China and the United States, and leery of a darkening outlook for the economy, investors have been pulling money out of the stock market and buying bonds, the… Read more »

Weatherstone Capital Management To Join Focus Firm Carnick & Kubik

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NEW YORK, Jan. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Focus Financial Partners Inc. (NASDAQ: FOCS) (“Focus”), a leading partnership of independent, fiduciary wealth management firms, today announced that definitive agreements have been entered into under which Weatherstone Capital Management, Inc. (“Weatherstone”) will join existing Focus partner firm Carnick & Kubik Group, LLC(“Carnick & Kubik”), and Insero Wealth Strategies, LLC (“Insero”) will join existing Focus partner… Read more »

Nasdaq Is on the Brink of a Bear Market

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“The dominoes are falling. Some of the bubbles have been popped,” Michael Ball, president and lead portfolio manager of Denver-based Weatherstone Capital Management Inc., said by phone. “The market is acting like we’re moving to a phase of a synchronized global bear market,” he said. “We’re like a small boat going through big waves.” Spiraling… Read more »

A Trillion-Dollar Apple Isn’t Like Other Tech Giants When It Comes to Valuation – Bloomberg Article

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Lu Wang from writes about how Apple isn’t like other tech giants. Michael Ball is quoted, “Unless everyone is going to carry two iPhones around, to double from here is going to be exponentially hard,” said Michael Ball, president and lead portfolio manager of Denver-based Weatherstone Capital Management Inc. “It’s too risky to totally change your… Read more »